Moved On Soccer League Rules





Updated as of 6/6/23

  1. The MSL League Director shall act upon all situations not covered explicitly in these rules.  All decisions will be final. MSL reserves the right to update, revise, remove or add any policy, rule or modification deemed to be unsafe, controversial or raises concern in regards to any other rule, policy, practice, condition, play, procedure etc.
  2. Movedon Soccer League aka MSL offers a Soccer Programs for the recreational enjoyment of the participants, which include male and female players 18 years of age and older. 
  3. Any player under the age of 18 must sign a special waiver and have parental authorization waiving any liability and acknowledging that players under the age of 18 will be playing soccer against adults. 
  4. MSL is the sole governing body of this program/league.
  5. MSL reserves the right to expel any team from the league for reasons of conduct, failure to observe rules, regulations, past due payments, and procedures and/or failure to field a team for 2 or more games.  Written notification of such actions will be provided to the captain, the individual and/or team manager. The captain and/or individual will have 48 hours to appeal the decision to the League Advisory Board. (LAB) (updated 11/5/2023)
  6. The current FIFA Laws of the Game 2023  with the amendments included within this document will be the rules of competition for outdoor play.  Teams/captains/players  are responsible for knowing the rules.
  7. The COED soccer game shall be played between two teams of 11 Co-Ed players (at least 3 females) each for full field games.  A team may play with only 2 female players but must play with a total of only 10 players until a 3rd female enters the field.  A team may also play with only 1 female player but must play with a total of only 9 players until a 2nd or 3rd female enters the field.
  8. It is essential that the safety rules are followed at all times without exception.  It is equally important for all players to enter the game with the attitude that this is a recreational activity, that contact can occur, and that good sportsmanship will always prevail. SOCCER IS A CONTACT SPORT.

A final decision will be made at least 2 hours prior to game time. MSL will follow the guidelines set for Lightning and Severe Weather published by the United States Soccer Association:

 If due to inclement weather or lightning the officials on the field may cancel games:

  1. The Manager/Coach will receive a call, text, and email.  Managers/Coaches should also call and notify their players.  Please call if there is any doubt about whether games will be played.
  2. All rostered players should have submitted valid phone numbers and emails to receive updates about delayed, canceled, or rescheduled games.
  3. Games that are called due to lightning or other unsafe playing conditions will be played or called at the discretion of the center referee. 
  4. The referee may opt for a waiting time up to 30 minutes after each strike to determine if conditions will improve to acceptable playing conditions.  The game clock continues to run during the waiting time. In the meantime all players and participants are required to clear the field and all open spaces and retreat to a safe spot like vehicles or buildings. Do not wait out under trees, or under metal overhangs.
  5. If a game is called prior to half time, the game will be rescheduled if possible*, and no score will be entered until the rescheduled game.  If a game is called after one half of the game has been completed, the score at the time the game was called will be recorded as the official score and the game will not be rescheduled.

Rescheduled Games:

  1. A preliminary schedule will be released online and at the Captain’s Meeting about a week prior to the start of the league.
  2. If your team is unable to attend a scheduled game, please let the league administrator know prior to first game so that games can be shuffled accordingly without affecting the other teams.
  3. If you find that your entire is not able to make a particular game after the schedule has been finalized, you  must contact us at least 48 hours prior to the game.  If you request in less than 48 hours from game day your team will be charged the officiating and administration fees of: $75.  This fee will be paid before your next scheduled game, or your team will be taken off the schedule.
  4. Make-up games may be rescheduled at any time and could be rescheduled on a different day/field or time based on availability.  There may be on a occasion, where the league is not given any options and therefore, a game may not be rescheduled. Refunds or credits may not be offered in this case. Original schedules may change.  MSL will work to provide as much notice as possible to captains and team members of both teams. In the very rare case a game cannot be rescheduled, the current schedule will play on, and no refunds or credits given.
  1. Any and all remaining Teams’, player’s fees or previous past due balances are due in full by the first scheduled game.  Payments are accepted online or in cash or check (make payment out to “Movedon Sports”)
  2. All members of the team must be listed on a team roster and submitted to the league at the start of the first game. Players also must have signed the MSL waiver and have provided a valid email and phone number for communication purposes in case of rescheduling, cancellations, or delays.
  3. Players not included on the team roster are not eligible to play after the rosters are turned in unless they join as a free agent and pay separately. Waivers must be signed.
  4. Guest Fees/ waivers can be paid and accepted for any new player ( substitute or trying out the league)  and can be added prior to game time by via online using this link
  5. New or substitute players cannot be added once playoffs has begun. Rosters must be finalized on or by game 6.
  6. Players may play on multiple teams throughout the season as the schedule allows, however they must choose one team to play on for quarterfinals, semifinals, championships, and they must be on that team’s final roster.
  7. There are no refunds on team/player/free agent fees after the schedule has been posted.
  8. Any team found to have played an unregistered, un-rostered, or player who has not signed a waiver will face a forfeit for each game that player played in which will equate to -5 points being given. 2 forfeits will result in the team being removed from the remaining season and may be barred from registering for future leagues. This will also include players of the team.
  9. A player/ free agent who has signed and paid and has found out that they are unable to play due to an injury that will prevent them from playing the season will be allowed to “transfer” their entire spot over to another player, as long as the first game of the season has not been played. The transition must be made prior to the first game and the new player must be on the roster prior to the first game.
  10. Any player/free agent that has fully paid for a full season and finds out that that they are being relocated to another city where MSL operates a league will be allowed to “transfer” their team membership to a Free agent team in the new location. ie. Player in Denver finds out they are relocating to Fort Lauderdale 1/2 through Fall, will be allowed to join a Fall Free agent team in the Fort Lauderdale league, as a transfer.
  11. Teams that have unpaid players after the 4th game or prior to the 6th game may have games removed and accelerated to playoffs. Unpaid players will also be removed from the roster and cannot participate. (updated 11/5/2023)
  1. Game clock starts on time
  2. 28 min Halves – 4 Min Half Time
  3. Substitutions on the fly, as in hockey
  4. No stoppage for injuries or ball searches.
  5. No off-sides
  6. Goalie cannot distribute ball to other half without first touching a player, or ground prior to entering opposite half of field.
  7. COED Short-Sided games require at least 2 females on the field.
  8. If missing 1 female, the game can commence and the team must play down the missing player.
  9. If the team is missing all females, they must or should “borrow” a female player to get the game started or a “forfeit” will be recorded after 10 minutes.
  1. FIFA Laws of the Game 2023  apply with the following modifications.
  2. Length of Play: games will be 2 x 43 minutes halves, 3 minute half-time.
  3. Divisions:  COED Games are played full field, 11 v 11 players, Men and Women

(at least 3 females per team).  A team may play with only 2 female players but must play with a total of only 10 players until a 3rd female enters the field.  A team may also play with only 1 female player but must play with a total of only 9 players until a 2nd or 3rd female enters the field. 60 min for weeknight games/90 Min for weekend games

  1. NO SLIDE TACKLES INVOLVING PLAYERS.  Anything going to the ground near an opposing player is deemed a slide tackle. Slide tackles only involving yourself are permissible as long as there is at least 3 feet distance between the tackle and any player.
  2. Players may be added to the roster up to the 6th game with full payment, and waivers. If additional players are added, they must join as a free agent and pay separately, then they will be added to the team. Players may not be added during any playoff competition, or tournament play. NO GUEST PLAYERS DURING PLAY-OFFS! (updated 11/5/2023)
  3. Unpaid players, or players not fully paid/registered or who have not signed a waiver will be removed from team rosters after the 6th game and prior to the 1st playoff game. Players who have found to play after being removed from the roster will cause a forfeit to the team or teams they played for. (updated 11/5/2023)
  4. Game clock: will start whether all teams are on the field ready to play or not. Game officials will walk to center of the field and whistle to call teams .
  5. No Stoppage added time even for injuries.
  6. Ball In & Out of Play remains in play within the touchlines and goal lines. Ball must roll 100% over the line to be called out of play.
  7.  Each team is required to bring two game balls per game, submitted and approved by the referee.
  8. Player substitutions: substitutions can be made during the course of play during ball stoppage and the field official notified of intention to sub; players must enter and leave the field at the halfway line.  Players leaving the field must be completely off the field before the substitute may enter. Player being substituted should exit the field at the closest side to minimize stoppage time.
  9. Teams or team captains who have opted to have individual registrations must have 15 paid players by game #4 or the team will risk being shorted on games during regular season. ie. A team captain may have 12 paid players which makes them short by 3 paid players, this will cause a deficit and the team may not be able to play 6 games during full season and may be subject to accelerated playoffs. Team and player registration fees are for paying referees and permits and any balance or payment due will affect the amount of games a team may play. (updated 10/5/2023)
  1. Teams/Players check-in: All players must be present, dressed in same color jerseys with at least 6” visible number, msl logo, shin guards, and socks to cover the shin guards. Be ready to play at least 5 minutes before scheduled game time.
  2. If a team or any player has an outstanding balance, or unsigned waiver, the team or player will not be allowed to check in until the issue has been resolved.
  3. Teams may pick up individual player for single games as long as the players sign a waiver  and pay the player fee and added to the team roster.
  4. Teams and Spectators:
    • Full field games: teams and coaches/managers may set up equipment and gear a minimum of 5 feet outside the sidelines.  Spectators may sit or stand beyond this point as well.
  5. Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to start the game.  Opponents have the following options:
    • Ask for an immediate forfeit or
    • Start the game clock and allow the team up to 10 minutes to get enough legal players before the forfeit is declared
    • Or lend the team the needed amount of players because the players that did show up, paid to play. (MSL Preferred option) Both captains must agree on the outcome provided that the team with the least amount of players just happens to need the extra players for the entire game, and they win. Captains please agree as to how you will accept the outcome win or lose. 
  6. In the event a game is forfeited, the teams will be allowed to use the field for a limited time to practice/scrimmage.  If both teams agree, the assigned referee will officiate a scrimmage game.  The field must be vacated 10 minutes prior to the next scheduled start.
  7. A forfeit will be awarded to the forfeiting team and give -5 points. The winning team will be given +2 points for the win.
  8. Score Reporting: Captains are responsible for reporting scores in LeagueApp 24 hours after the games or 0-0 will be entered into the final. Added 6/6/2023

At this time playoff format is as follows in a 6 team league:

  • Single Elimination
  • 1st plays 6th place will play winner of
  • 2nd plays 5th = winner plays winner of 3v4
  • 3rd place plays 4th= plays winner of 2v5.
  • Winner of 1v6 will play the winner of the two above games.

In the case of the amount of teams, it will again be set up so that 1st will always play last, 2nd next to last and match up of the middle teams against the teams in the middle.

In 8 team league:

1st Plays Last place= winner plays winner of 4v5

2nd plays 7th place – winner plays winner of 3vs 6.

3rd plays 6th

4th plays 5th .

In a 10 team league

same format.

All teams have a chance.

  1. League champions will receive awards determined at the beginning of each season and will be posted.  MSL reserves the right to change the award due to supply, lack of or due to delay, damage or other reason in order to ensure that recipients receive their championship awards in a timely manner.
  2. League Champions/semifinalists/quarter finalists/tournament participants  will also receive online recognition via social media and via our website and agree to have their photos taken and published for promotional purposes without compensation.
  3. Teams found to have bypassed playing a regular season game forcing forfeit will automatically be removed from participating in any quarterfinals, semifinals and/or championship. This action could also result in being refused registration in subsequent sessions. 
  4. Tie breakers:
      • Goal Differential
      • Head to Head Record
      • Goals Against
      • Goals For
      • Coin Toss
  1. MSL has established a League Advisory Board ”LAB” for the purpose of addressing official protests or a review of team/player suspension(s) by individual players or teams.
  2. No protests or request for review shall be received or considered if it is based solely on the accuracy of judgment on the part of the officials (judgment calls).
  3. A protest must be made within 30 minutes of the game completion.
  4. A “review “or an “appeal”  involving a suspension must be made in writing within 48 hours to the MSL league director. There is no costs to review or appeal a suspension.
  5. Protest forms will be filled out with the head referee or league representative.  The coach/manager will complete the protest form.
  6. The Team Captain signs the Protest Form, attaches $50 cash and submits it to the head referee or league representative.  The protest will be sent to all members of the LAB for review.  A decision will be rendered within one week of submission.  If a protest is upheld, the $50 will be returned to the team applying the protest, if denied the $50 shall be deposited in the LAB fund.  Decisions affecting scores will be adjusted to standings within one week of the decision.
  7. Decisions involving “reviews” or “appeals” will be made within 72 hours of receipt and the decision will be final.
  1. All teams must have same-colored jerseys with visible numbers. No Jersey, no play. 
  2. Numbers are required on the back of the uniform jersey (minimum of 6 inches although 9” is recommended). No duplicate numbers. Numbers cannot be drawn on or taped on.
  3. Players will not be allowed to play if they are wearing a jersey/shirt of a competitive league or social sport club.
  4. MSL will be requiring *all leagues to wear MSL branded shirts and has set up an online store to order shirts for individuals or teams. Order Shirts Here
  5. Team captains ordering shirts for the team must turn in a Team Shirt Order Spreadsheet. The order will be matched with purchases.
  6. Shorts: players will wear appropriate shorts or sweatpants of similar color.
  7. Shoes:  Only one-piece molded rubber shoes are acceptable.  No screw-in/metal  cleats.
  8. Shin Guards: All players must wear shin guards. Players will not be allowed to play without shin guards. Players also must wear socks to cover the shin guards.
  9. Jewelry: all jewelry must be removed.  This includes wedding rings and hidden piercings.  Exception:  Medical ID’s and religious emblems can be worn if made safe to the discretion of the referees.
  10. Any player that cannot meet all the above minimum requirements will not be allowed to participate in the game.  Any equipment in question should be brought to the attention of the game official prior to the start of the game.
* Please note: MSL is giving Denver Metro Leagues a little extra time and consideration to adopt and adapt to the new uniform policy. 
  1. FIFA Laws of the Game 2023  apply.
    1. Cautions (Yellow Cards) and Send Offs (Red Cards) are recorded and monitored.  Cautions and send-offs will result in player suspensions. Player fines apply as follows. Fines must be paid in cash to “Movedon Soccer League” for a player to return to play:
  1. Accumulation of three (3) yellow cards in a season = 1 game suspension, and a $50.00 fine.
  2. Two (2) yellow cards in a single game = red card. Players must sit out the remainder of that game, must sit out the next scheduled game, a player sent off may not be substituted for, $50.00 fine.
  • A Red Card (Send Off) is when a player is expelled for the remainder of the game and will receive a minimum of one (1) game suspension. $50.00 fine.
  1. Red Card for Serious Foul Play, Violent Conduct, or Foul and Abusive Language will receive a suspension, minimum of 2 games and may result in further suspension at the discretion of Movedon Soccer League. Minimum fine of $50.00.
  2. Any player accumulating 2 or more red cards in any 12-month period will be subject to suspension from the Movedon Soccer League. Any pending suspension of a player will be reviewed and a written notification( email) will be sent to the captain and the player. The player will have 48 hours to appeal to the League Advisory Board for review.
    • Any player, coach or spectator sent off must leave the facility immediately. Failure to leave could result in law enforcement to be notified and additional disciplinary actions imposed which could include a limited ban, or lifetime ban from participating in any future MSL league activities or field.  

MSL gladly promotes and supports captains and teams who would like to bring on a sponsor to help pay for the costs of running a soccer team. It could be in the form of naming the team or by placing the logo of the sponsor on the team shirt, front and center, there is a $150 fee per season, per sponsor and that can be purchased in the online store  or invoiced accordingly. Please contact njk@movedonsports for pricing and options.

MSL will also add them to the Sponsor directory on the website and giving them credit for stepping up and helping your team with sponsorship.

MSL will be looking to schedule after game activities at local bar and restaurant establishments. Many of these will be a local business who have agreed in some way to provide “support” to our league whether it be in the form of league specials, monetary, or promotional . We seek these types of affiliations and partnerships as a way to offer more fun opportunities for our players to bond, meet more players, promote our league to new players, and generally if not more importantly have more fun and add value to our leagues. We kindly ask that you please patronize our sponsors. They support you, so please support them!! We thank you!! MSL would like to add, that we are not responsible however for any injury,theft, accident, death or liable for any bad or negative activity that occurs while attending any one of these off- field events. WE also encourage responsible drinking and if you think you have had too much, do not drive. Ask a team mate or get a ride.  

Now if anyone should meet their soulmate, gets married, and ends up birthing their own coed soccer team, by all means MSL would love to take the credit for it…