The Difference

Since 2008, Movedon Soccer has been on a mission. We look to help adults discover and rediscover the simple pleasure of playing the beautiful game of soccer. 

In the last few years the Beautiful game has changed and been altered to be more social, to fit smaller fields and “optimized” to be more profitable for leagues that operate many types of sports on many types of fields and not necessarily taking into consideration that soccer requires specific equipment and referees with knowledge of game rules.  MSL is looking to offer ” a real game of 11v11″ on a full size turf field or nicely groomed field with lines, goals and certified referees.  That will be the core of our soccer offerings, however we will also be offering indoor ( where weather conditions affect outdoor play) and look to offer specialty leagues and tournaments to enhance and improve our league players enjoyment of the game.

  1. We offer Full Field Play (11×11) on rented fields of either turf or groomed grass with lines and goals with nets
  2. We schedule 90 minute games on the weekend and 60 minute games weekday nights after work
  3. We use a state of the art league management platform to manage the league, collect payment, and to communicate to our league participants
  4. We support our team captains who go the extra mile to organize and manage teams by offering additional discounts for team payments
  5. We offer league tutorials and information on how to improve the player experience via posts, videos and outreach
  6. Certified referees are provided for every game ( we try to schedule 3 most of the time)
  7. Unlimited rosters to allow for subs and equal playing time, sub on the fly
  8. We play in multiple locations, days, and times to accommodate schedules
  9. All ages and abilities are welcome, beginners and experienced players
  10. When possible, we offer divisions with different skill levels and offering players to rate skills at registration in order to better place players in appropriate game levels
  11. We accept and place paid free agents or  you may also register together with a group (must have paid to be placed)
  12. We offer online jersey store to purchase MSL branded shirts at great prices!!

Movedon Soccer promotes three core values:

                1. Improvement on the Pitch
                2. Best Sportsmanship
                3. Most Fun

And ….

Players, Captains and Spectators are subject to the instructions and decisions of the referees. Fouls, penalty cards, and fines are issued for misconduct. All players must be paid, registered and waivers signed and accepted to enter the field. Players found to not to have accepted a waiver who have played risk forfeiting the game(s) played.

We look to promote a fun and a REAL soccer experience. Movedon Sports is striving to offer consistent field offerings, scheduling, improved officiating, receive feedback, decrease and eliminate forfeits and improve the overall satisfaction, engagement and experience of all league participants.

Free weekly MeetUps provided in your local area to practice and improve skills through drills and scrimmage games. Bring friends to introduce to the league.

We promote a family friendly atmosphere at all of our leagues and MeetUp events and ask participants to refrain from foul language and lewd behavior.

Movedon Sports is an all inclusive sports league. We encourage participation from all ethnicity, backgrounds, religious beliefs, race, age and genders. Movedon Sports has a ZERO Tolerance towards bullying, racial slurs, harassment or acts of violence toward any individual  or participant(s) in the league.

$1 from each player registration is donated to Camp Zebra (a non-profit ministry helping train soccer referees in third world countries and building self-sustaining micro economies).